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Anonymous asked: I'm definitely not an expert, but I have read and heard a few things on current and past problems of Canada and when you reblogged that post I was just like "oh!" I also live pretty far north so the fact that these things were pretty absent in my education and dismissed in my community is horrifying.

I really appreciate you sharing what you know. I am happy you educate yourself. Educating is the best way to begin solving problems within society. I know how  you feel about feeling horrified. I realized that there are so many things I never learned about until I took certain courses, began to educate myself, and  tumblr itself has been a source of information. It’s terrifying how many things we still need to fix. 

Anonymous asked: A few bits of information: Canada only ended slavery because it was no longer successful financially and the average PoC citizens knowledge of their history and current affairs are seldom brought up. Check out the riot acts against the Chinese communities, Nova Scotia being nicknamed the 'Mississippi of the North', antisemitism, and the very much alive racism and abuse towards the aboriginal people of Canada.

Thank you so much for telling me all of this. I will definitely look into this. I am always interested in race relations within my own country and other ones. I just told my mom who is a history teacher and she didn’t know about any of this. You have taught us something new today.

Anonymous asked: Canada has a big racism problem that always brings a shock to people's faces when I mention it. The reputation that all Canadians are incredibly polite, helpful, and fair to everyone is a dangerous rumor, especially when it comes to racism.

wow thank you for telling me. It’s a general consensus among american’s that Canada’s filled with kind, polite, moose-loving people. it’s kind of scary knowing that this thought is false


England and Canada love to use America as their scapegoat to hide all the terrible racism happening in their countries


*non californian voice* omfg there was a huge earthquake are you all okay???
*californian voice* what earthquake