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Once again, Caucasian does not mean white, and using it to mean white is actually racist.

There are real Caucasian people who live in the Caucasus region, and they are not white.

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THANK YOU. Don’t call me white & don’t equate my people to whiteness. 

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I remember when this word magically “surfaced” and suddenly white folks were identifying as Caucasian and I have to wonder:

Do y’all be having town meetings about this type of shit? Is there some Templar-order level bullshit that votes on what new white myths to release? Like that time y’all invented the word ‘Ebonics’ in the 90s and tried to pawn it off as legitimate?

Or that time y’all reconstructed King Tut’s face and somehow he looked like a white man with eyeliner on?

Like for real y’all gotta pray.

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once upon a time, in Japan…. *white characters*

this takes place in Africa… *white characters*

our story starts in the Middle East… *white characters*

Long ago in Europe… *white…